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How to place bet on Betway using mobile phone

Betway is one of the popular betting company we have here in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and Europe. Placing a bet on betway is very easy, just follow these easy steps I'm going to be showing you.

The steps are as follows

1. Login to their website or the app
The first thing you have to do is login to their website that is and you can download their mobile app too.
 That's another way to access their services. So, what next for you to do is to make selections and be very careful when making your selection and re check again.

2. Make selections
After login in into their website or you entered with their app and you have login your account. The next thing you have to do is to make your selection and be very careful when making your selection so you won't made a mistake.

3. Click on "book bet"
After making your selection, the next thing to do is click on "book bet", you can do this to save the game for the time you will later place the bet. So you won't be in a hurry, you will just input the code given to you.

4. Place bet
After booking your bet and you are ready to place your bet, "input the code" given to you, then select the "amount" you want to play with and your possible winning will be showed too, then click on "bet" if you are ready to place your bet.

Above are the following ways in which you can place your bet on betway, stake safe and happy winnings. You can also check for daily predictions on and

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