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How to become bet9ja agent and all requirements

Like I said earlier in one of my posts that bet9ja has been around for a while now and it has been helping many people.
Now it serves as a source of employment mostly in every town, there are more than 5 bet9ja shops.
That is shops where bets are being played, you can watch football matches  and also there is an agent that manages these shops. 
The agent is employed by bet9ja and you will be earning commissions from bet9ja on everybody that plays everyday. All you have to do is to apply and fill in some documents.
 I'm going to be teaching you step by step on how to become a bet9ja agent so if you want to become an agent for bet9ja this post for you. Read the steps explained below.

The first step of becoming a bet9ja agent is

1. Submission of document to bet9ja

You will need to submit your credentials to bet9ja, it does not have a particular document but you must atleast have a secondary school leaving certificate for them to know you are capable for the job your documents will be submitted at their office because you will be given a bet9ja agent form too which you will fill and it will be submitted to their office.
 50 thousand naira (#50,000 naira) is the amount you need to have to be able to become a bet9ja agent, take note of that. 

2. Checking of document and location

After submission of your document, bet9ja will now check your document for verification because they need to verify the documents and the form you filled and they also need to check the location which you filled of it has not been taken by another person because the location is quite important if two many shops are in one place it will affect sales of each other.

3. Introduction conversation with field staff

Then after the checking of your documents, form and location then you will be introduced to the field staff and will be engaged in a conversation that will be introducing you to the basis of being an agent and you will be discussed through all you need to know about being an agent and how bet is being placed for customers and how many systems you need and your commission on each amount and the amount of people that play commission on people that win too all will be discussed.

4. Verification of premises

Then after the introductory conversation with the field officers then there is the verification of the premises your premises they will find out if there is any bet9ja shop not to close to you.
I mean the location you want to put your shop because if too many shop accumulate in one place it will affect one another sales.
So that it will not spoil each others business, your premises will be verified so that you will be able to make much sales and I suggest you find a spot in a busy area that you know there is no bet9ja shop around because many people play bets everyday and you can be making cool money everyday.

5. Signing of agent contract

Then after the premises you want to use for your shop is verified then you will sigin the contract that you are now a bet9ja agent.
The contract consists of some dos and dont so dont rush to sign it read carefully before signing and if you are content with the terms and condition sign the contract and if you re not content with the terms and condition of the contract do not sign.

6. Setting up the shop

Then the last step is setting up your shop after the singing of the agent contract there are professionals that will be sent to help you with putting up your shop, so be relaxed and if you already know how to set it up.
The professionals will still be sent to help you, you will be put through on how many computers to get and television set for people to watch ball and how many people to help attend to customers.


The step by step procedure for getting and opening your bet9ja shop has been explained above so read carefully so you can get it remember its also a source of employment and you can be making extra cash with it and you can be living fine.

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