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Top 5 Best (Bookmakers) Football Betting Companies in Nigeria

5 Best & Reliable Bookmakers, Football Betting Sites in Nigeria 2019

When It comes to making quick money by luck, sports betting has been a trend for that. If you are a sports freak and you don't play sport betting, you are wasting your passion.
These days some people win up to. #10,000,000 by just placing a single betting slip, why not try your luck by sparing some little change on you to place a bet and see if you are going to win.
However, I will be talking about some sport betting companies we have in Nigeria, but Before I proceed I want to tell you this, it's not about the game, it's about you making money with the selected games, they are different types of sport in Nigeria and other foreign countries. Ranging from basketball, tennis, baseball, gymnastics, golf, kungfu, volleyball and many more.
You need to go for the one you like, and you predict the one you are sure of, and it's likely for you to make money from it.
I will be talking about the best sports betting company we have in Nigeria in this article where you can place a bet
Here are the best sports betting company in Nigeria.

(1) 360Bet
360bet is a well know sports betting company in Nigeria and has a very high odds online. The company is also reliable and fun.
If you want to place a bet online with them for the first time.
You will need to deposit at least #2.000 into the 360bet account so you can get bonus. But it's not a must, the only time you need to fund your account with #2,000 is when you are creating an account with them for the first time, but if you want to place the bet through an agent then you can walk up to anyone in your area.
You place a bet with them starting from #100 but placing a bet through an agent is risky, he or she might not be reliable. The agent might end up running away with your money. So it's better to do it yourself online.

(2) Merrybet
Merrybet is also a popular sports betting company in Nigeria. If you place a bet with them online and you win, it will just take some few hours before you cash the money out and you get it straight into your bank account.
If you've just created an account on merrybet for the first time, and you've funded your account, you will be given %100 bonus. And you will get a bonus from other accumulated games.
Merrybet allows users to place a bet on games that have already started. Merrybet also has high odds, the site is very reliable.

(3) Nairabet
If you are to talk about the first sports betting company and the oldest sports betting company in Nigeria, It is Nairabet. They have been in existence before other sport betting company. The site is very fast in paying and has good customer support.
Nairabet gives you %100 bonus when you have just funded account, and you also get a bonus from other accumulated games. Nairabet also allows you to place a bet on Games tha have already started. Nairabet also has high odds, you can give them a try, and you will never regret placing a bet with them.

(4) Bet9ja
Bet9ja is my favorite sports betting company, and I will say It is the best sports betting company you can ever try. Although the other sports betting company I listed in this content are also good but bet9ja is the best.
The company gives you 100% bonus once you've just funded your account and you also get a bonus from other accumulated games.
The company also allows it's users to place a bet on games that have started playing or still playing. The site is very reliable and pays fast if you place your bet online.

(5) Loving bet
Loving bet is also one of the fastest sports betting company in Nigeria, mostly for internet users. If you place a bet on that site and you win, you will be credited straight into your bank account within some few hours.
The company is fantastic and very reliable. You also get 100% bonus when you have just funded your account. And you also get a gift from other accumulate games.

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