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How to Book a Bet on Sportybet with Mobile Phone & Laptop

How to book a bet on sporty bet

Booking a bet on sportybet is easy sportybet is just like the likes of bet9ja nairabet betpawa and the rest, these bets have been around for a while and it has been helping people.
Some have even made it their career that is their day to day job they play bet 24 hours a day. It has become their part and parcel because they are making good money from it.
Big money that has changed their lives for the better some that have made money to build houses from bet and those who have won money to buy cars have bought cars too and those who have used the money to finance a business and they are making money everyday.
So, sportybet is paying money to people everyday so as well you can make your own money too.
Make that bet today because no risk no reward, if you don't risk it you don't know if you are going to win.
Ofcos you are looking for how to book your bet on sportybet, this post is for you, read it below carefully.

There are just 3 simple steps to book a bet on sportybet

1. Login to their website or the app

The first thing you have to have to do is login to their website that is www.sporty and you can download their mobile app too. Thats another way to access their services so what is next for you to do is to make selections.
This is the most fragile one because if you make any mistake you might loose your money to be won.

2. Make selections

After loginning in into their website or you entered with their app the next thing you have to do is make your selection. What I always tell people is to be very careful with their selections because if you are not careful you will just be giving your money away to sportybet.
So before placing bet check the head to head of each team that is their stats.
Check which one is in form or which is not in form and which has injured players. All these must be put in consideration before placing your bet so be really careful.
Check all these and make your desired selection and another mistake people do is that they make their tickets long and its maybe a game or two that will spoil their ticket. Don't be greedy, just make small selections and stake to make your money.

3. Click on book bet

After making your selection the next thing to do is click on book bet and it will give you your code which you can give out to another person that wants to play the same game.

4. You can also share code

After clicking on book bet you can also share your code for other people who wants to play the same game as you.


Above are the following ways in which you can book a bet on sporty bet so stake safe and happy winnings you can also check for daily predictions on and

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